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Tick Control

Our Tick Control Service

Ticks are not your everyday bed bugs. These blood sucking parasites are like your modern day vampires; latching onto animal and human skin to feed. Because of our warm climate they thrive in abundance. We recommend a tick inspection bi-annually in this county.

Tick Control Service In Bakersfield CA

Our Unique Approach To Tick Control

This is not an easy process and is recommended you call tick exterminators to permanently remove the problem without the spread of infectious diseases.

About Ticks

Second only to the mosquito as a channel of infectious and toxic human diseases, ticks, unlike fleas or bed bugs, are tiny critters known to cause serious health problems largely in the form of Lyme disease and Q fever.

Lyme disease is often confused with fever symptoms because of their similarities, but what makes them stand apart is the unique is a bulls-eye rash around the area of the bite. Soon the rash spreads rapidly leading to Bell’s Palsy and joint pain.

Tick Extermination

Tick extermination is a very tricky process because if one latches on to you or your household animal(s) you have to carry out a very specific process to ensure you don’t kill the tick that can cause the infected blood to spread diseases of all kinds such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, Colorado tick fever and various forms of ehrlichiosis.

Tick Removal

For starters, the best way to remove a tick is with tweezers. We know the temptation to crush it with your bare hands upon spotting it, using a hot match or a lit cigarette to burn it but studies show that killing a tick on site increases chances of contracting Lyme disease.

Never twist or jerk the tick to force it out. With a pair of small tweezers gently “pull” it out with zero force. After removing the tick and placing it in a bag for safe elimination wash the infected area thoroughly with soap and water. Apply antibiotics afterwards if your doctor recommends tick treatment. If the tick is suspected to have been there for a long period of time antibiotics may be a necessity to prevent infection and sickness.


This is not an easy process and is recommended you call tick exterminators to permanently remove the problem without the spread of infectious diseases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to protect yourself completely while outdoors farming, gardening or simply taking a hike outdoors in wooded or damp areas, follow this simple advice:

  • If you wear light colored clothing you increase your odds of spotting a tick before it has a chance to latch itself onto your skin and tuck your pant legs into your socks.
  • Next, after spending time outdoors, give yourself a self-examination. If you can’t inspect some areas (such as the top of your head, back of your neck or the crooks in your elbows and knees, etc.), have a friend give you a thoroughly inspection. Most commonly ticks latch on to arms and legs so be especially watchful of those areas.

Frankly, dealing with ticks is an ugly process that is best left to the professionals to be done right. If you suspect there is a tick problem in your home, fumigation may be necessary to kill all other inactive hosts waiting for a victim to latch on to. Call the [COMPANY] professionals today for a free estimate!

Tick Control

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